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DRAMA                Hit Counter

Drama Night: 80 points        Final Scores

1. Objective

To evoke an awakening in the society regarding moral values, Sikhi spirit, and philosophical enlightenment.  All this while being entertained, of course. The play should not evoke controversial issues that may disturb a sect or any part of our society. Choose positive ideas only.  Should be presentable to people of all ages.

2.  Date and Venue


Saturday August 7, 2004

Saturday September 11, 2004


Langar Hall, Gurdwara Sahib


6:30 p.m. to 7:30 Langar Dinner

7:30 to 10:30 Drama Event



3.  Time Limits

-                 A total of 40 minutes including all acts and stage preparation and removal.

-                 Clock starts, after which each team starts putting up, acting, performing in-between acts, and final removal of all stage props.

-                 Each play can be divided into 2-3 acts with in-between acts (poems, mimes, short speeches, playing music) to entertain the audience.

-                 We have no limits on number of breaks, but warn that too many breaks may make it uninteresting and the judges may decide to give bad marks in such a case.

-                 We allow any format the team wishes. It need not be 1 story; i.e., can be many short stories, if desired, as long as it’s within the time limit. It can even be a musical or a mime.

4.  Schedules

·         Full Scripts will be due by April 30, 2004.

·         Scripts will be reviewed for historical distortions, social gaffe (misconceptions), or philosophical errors.  SGSS will approve the script and request captains to edit some points, perhaps.  Final scripts will be ready by May 30, 2004.

·         Practice should start in May 2004 every Sunday from 11:15 to 12:00 at Gurdwara Sahib.  YTSA will reserve a place for all houses to be able to practice together every week. If not enough, each house may schedule extra practices as deemed appropriate, although we request to consider how disturbing this can be for some families that have participants for different houses.

5.  Budget

-                 We are trying to control overspending as it was evident in the other events and did appear to pinch the pockets of some of the house color members. Also, we want to adhere to the policy of less on materialism and more on effort and spiritualism.

-                 A budget for costume, decorations, and props will be 10,000 baht. 

-                 One should not exceed this budget.  If a team clearly goes over budget, points will be deducted. Points will be lost for over-budget spending.  Points will not be earned if under-budget, though.

-                 Items already available (not purchased) that are used as props and costumes will still be counted towards this budget of 10,000.  Thus, any material that appears on stage must not exceed the 10,000 baht budget.  If some of the materials were made by the effort of your house color people (i.e. effort was put in, not money), the captains should submit the declaration to YTSA in writing so we understand it and no penalize you by making an incorrect judgment on the value of the materials.

-                 Each team must give us their spending records for everything invested on materials that appear on stage, whether personal or YTSA money, for review before the event. A budget usage sheet will be provided for each team to submit to YTSA before the drama event.  This will be used by YTSA for filling part of the scoring sheet.


6.  Language

Language will be open.  We assume it will be primarily English, some Punjabi, and perhaps a bit of one-liners in Thai.  However, we have no restrictions/points on language.

7.  Judgment Criteria

The judgment criteria will roughly be as follows:





Story Line

A good story with enough social and moral values that was well presented and meaningful.



Story Line

The story has enough religious/spiritual references or quotes




There was something especially creative or “something different” about the play and other acts.




The play and in-between acts were entertaining and interesting to watch.




Good Acting by all involved in the play and in-between acts.




Also, set changes were done quick or smoothly enough. Entire team involved in making it possible. The audience was not kept waiting since the show moved on with in-between shows.



Stage Appearance

Props, Decoration, and Costumes were nice, beautiful, and creative.  Clearly lots of effort was put by the team to make it.  Points should not be given if they were simply purchased.  Also, the points in this section should be 0, if clearly over the allotted budget.




Total Points:



Loss of points for over time limit (1 point per 2 minutes delay):




Loss of points if too few participants: children (3), youth (4), and adults with a good mix of at least 3 per gender (-1 to -10):




Loss of points for going over the set budget (-10 to -20):








8.  Team Points Distribution

We will distribute the 80 points in the following manner. It is possible that a single team wins in all 4 categories.


Points for Rank 1

Points for Rank 2

Story Line Score



Acting Score



Stage Appearance Score



Total Score (after adding all categories)






9.  Play Topics

Play should be on a topic that will not appear controversial by including any negative remarks on any individual or group.  The following are suggested areas:

1.      Sikh History – misleading historical facts should be avoided. Actors may not portray a Sikh Guru ji.  Martyrs and historical Sikh figures can be depicted. 

2.      Social Topics

a.      Bridging the generation gap

b.      Modernization of Sikh Society

c.      Simplicity

d.      Media

e.      Education vs. Bringing of Sikhi values

f.       Attitude of winning others (competition)

g.      Family Values

h.      Peer pressure

i.         Learning how to obey Guru Ji’s Hukam

j.        Helping the needy

k.      How to end racism (promote Ek Pita Ekas Ke Hum Balik)

3.      Philosophy

a.      Simran

b.      Kirtan

c.      Seva

d.      The five vices

e.      Peace of mind

f.       The animal instincts

g.      The auspicious human life

h.      Living in the present

4.      Musical Drama – can be very creative. Should have some moral value too, though.

5.      Mime – can be very creative. Should have some moral value too, though.


Caution on Social Topics: Social issues are important but can be very touchy.  They must be dealt with tactfully. A positive approach is very important as not to offend anyone. Controversial issues should be avoided:

  1. Dowry
  2. Prostitution
  3. Smoking (showing smoking or drinking on stage can be controversial)
  4. Debate on Hair
  5. Arranged vs. love marriage
  6. Eating vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian
  7. Sectarian issues and beliefs


Final Drama Score


Points Rank 1

Points Rank 2

Top Team

2nd Team

Red Points

Green Points

Blue Points

Yellow Points

Best Story Line (Best Script)



B Y 0 0 15 10

Best Acting



B Y 0 0 15 10
Best Stage Appearance 10 7 B, Y - 0 0 10 10
Best Drama Overall 40 30 B Y 0 0 40 30






0 0 80 60